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3D Laser Cut

ModelManufacturerProduct ImageProduct NamePrice+Buy Now
CERATOPS Ican Media Ceratops Dinosaur Ceratops Dinosaur R140.00 Buy Now
CESSNA Ican Media Cessna Monoplane Cessna Monoplane R140.00 Buy Now
FOKKER Ican Media Fokker Dr.1 Triplane Fokker Dr.1 Triplane R140.00 Buy Now
NIEUPORT-17 Ican Media Nieuport 17 Biplane Nieuport 17 Biplane R140.00 Buy Now
VELOCIRAPTOR Ican Media Velociraptor Velociraptor R140.00 Buy Now
WRANGLER Ican Media Jeep Wrangler Jeep Wrangler R180.00 Buy Now
LAND-ROVER-9 Ican Media Land Rover 90 Land Rover 90 R180.00 Buy Now
WILLYS-JEEP Ican Media Willy's Jeep Willy's Jeep R180.00 Buy Now
DOLLHOUSE Ican Media Dollhouse Dollhouse R290.00 Buy Now
LAND-CRUISER Ican Media Toyota Land Cruiser Toyota Land Cruiser R295.00 Buy Now
VW-BEETLE Ican Media VW Beetle VW Beetle R295.00 Buy Now
EIFFEL Ican Media Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower R300.00 Buy Now
TRACTOR Ican Media Tractor Tractor R330.00 Buy Now
VW-COMBI Ican Media VW Combi Bus VW Combi Bus R330.00 Buy Now

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1 x HSP 81609 Aluminium Alloy Metal Front Upper Adjustable Arms
1 x HSP 60057 Wing Stay(L/R) 2P RC 1:8
1 x HSP 62052 Front Bumper/Connect Plate 1:8
1 x HSP 62024 Diff Gear(22T&27T) HSP 1:8 RC Parts 94760 94761 94763
1 x HSP 80129 Cross Wrenches Maintenance tools sleeve HSP 1/10th
1 x HSP 60021 Gear Box Housing For RC 1:8
1 x HSP 85737 Rear Wing HSP Buggy 1:8
1 x HSP 60042 Steering Shaft Bush 5.8 HSP 1:8TH RC Parts 94760 94761
1 x HSP 60017 N Front Wheel Hub Carrier 1:8
1 x DHK Lower Suspension Arm 8381-706
1 x HSP 60056 Wing Adjustable Mount (L/R) For 1/8th
1 x HSP 80149 RC Car Screwdrivers 3mm
1 x HSP 62007 Second Way Grear(42T&47T) For 1:8
1 x DHK ESC Cooling Fan P101
1 x HSP 60055 Wing Reinforcement Post For 1/8th
1 x HSP 62005 Centre Diff.Gear Complete For RC 1/8
1 x HSP 60005 Front Lower Suspension Arm 2PCS For 1:8
1 x HSP 60014 Steering Saver Complete RC 1:8
1 x HSP 11153 Motor Pinion Gear 23T Brass For 1/10
1 x HSP 60058 Wing Reinforcement Holder For 1/8
1 x KDS 1014-3 Solid Long KDS 450 tripod tube shock pad 10
1 x HT Raptor Head Damper Set Black
1 x KDS 1113-QS Anti Rotation Bracket
1 x KDS 1031-SV Tail Belt
1 x KDS 1102 Tail Boom 450 Q
1 x KDS 1017-QS Push Rod
1 x KDS 1117-3 Tail Drive Gear Assembly
1 x KDS 1024-72-QS SF Mixing Arm
1 x KDS 1117-3S Tail Pulley
1 x Curtis Youngblood 600mm Main Blades
1 x KDS 1003-Q Feathering Shaft
1 x KDS 1108-QS Tail Unit
1 x KDS 1011 3 pcs Main Shaft ,450C/SV/S TREX 450 V2
1 x KDS 1048-1 Ball Links Swashplate
1 x KDS 1041-4-QS Canopy Mounting Bolts
1 x KDS 1117-QS Tail Drive Gear Mount
1 x KDS 1014 Landing Gear Upright
1 x KDS 1002-1 Canopy Grommet for 450
1 x KDS 1117-3-BD T/Drive Gear Assembly Belt Driven
1 x KDS 1043 Ball Linkage Rod Set For 450C 450
1 x Nieuport 17 Biplane
1 x Dollhouse
1 x Ceratops Dinosaur