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DJI Phantom 4[P4]


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The DJI Phantom 4 is a highly advanced quadcopter with a 4K camera, automated subject tracking/following, automated collision/obstacle avoidance, and a flight time of up to 28 minutes.

Long gone are the days of having a dedicated pilot control the drone. With the DJI Phantom 4 you simply select yourself, or your subject, and a wide range of sensors on the quadcopter, along with highly advanced artificial intelligence, will automatically follow and frame your subject while avoiding crashing into obstacles such as tree's, boulders, walls, people, or buildings.

The DJI Phantom 4's integrated 12 megapixel camera and 3-axis gimbal captures smooth, high quality Ultra High Definition 4K videos at up to 30 fps and 60 Mbps, or Full HD 1080p at up to 120fps.

DJI Phantom 4 Autonomous tracking and obstacle avoidance features:

Obstacle sensing system

The Phantom 4 from DJI features 4 sensors in front and underneath the aircraft, this along with a artificial intelligence system creates the Obstacle Sensing System. This gives the Phantom 4 the ability to 'see' in three dimensions and to react.

In Normal Mode if the drone sees an obstacle coming close it will stop and hover. In TapFly, ActiveTrack and Smart Return Home modes it will avoid the obstacle, or hover to avoid a collision.

The drone also gives you warnings so you always know what is happening to and around it. The downward facing Vision Positioning module contains dual cameras and dual ultrasonic sensors to offer five times more positioning accuracy than previous DJI drones. Used indoors, it provides a GPS-like flying experience, giving you the confidence you need to fly indoors.

ActiveTrack subject follow and framing

The DJI Phantom 4's ActiveTrack successfully makes autonomous/automatic follow recording a reality. Whether you or your subject are running, cycling, skating, skiing, driving, rafting and more, the Phantom 4 uses an advanced combination of computer vision, object recognition and machine learning to track as your subject moves. Circling a moving object and keeping it in frame used to only be achievable by the most seasoned and confident of pilots, now thanks to completely autonomous following and flight speeds of up to 72kmph everyone can do it. The entire time that ActiveTrack is running obstacle avoidance is too, so it will decide whether it should continue following, avoid an obstacle or simply stop.


Manually flying using control sticks can be challenging, TapFly takes over all of these controls for you leaving you to focus on your shot. Using TapFly mode, all you have to do to fly is tap on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. To change the direction of flight, you can simply tap the screen to fly anywhere. Using its Obstacle Sensing System, the DJI Phantom 4 can fly places you might not have gone before, to create dynamic and inspiring footage.

Smart auto-return home

The DJI Phantom 4 features a failsafe auto-return home feature and will automatically return to the exact spot it took-of if it detects that the battery is running low, connection to the controller is lost or if the return home button is pressed. The integration of the obstacle sensing system will also safely guide the drone past obstacles.


DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Features: 

5 km control and live view range

The control and live view range has been increased and will now work at up to 5km. This will give greater confidence and security when flying.

Electronic speed controllers

Motor speed is critical to flight, and each motor is managed individually by the Electronic Speed Controllers. ESCs not only relay vital motor speed information to the Main Controller, they also send commands back to the motors based on your input. This constant communication keeps your Phantom 4 stable in flight, and also helps you achieve any flight movement, from gentle pans to rapid acceleration.

Up to 28 minutes of flight time

A new 5350 mAh intelligent flight battery and revised shape gives the Phantom 4 a long flight time of up to 28 minutes per battery charge.


The GPS can now get data from GLOSNASS satellites, which greatly improves geographical accuracy and reduces your chances of losing satellite connection.

Sport Mode and top speed of 72kmph

A brand new Sport mode brings responsive controls and the thrill of speed everywhere. An integrated gimbal and new battery positioned to move the centre of gravity close to the aircraft’s core combines with raised motors that increase torque reaction, and a reliable flight control system which precisely controls the aircraft’s movement to make flight at high speeds safer. Revolutionary materials and refined aerodynamics enables the DJI Phantom 4 to reach a top speed of 72kmph.

Push-and-Release Propeller

The new prop mounts of the DJI Phantom 4 allow each prop to be mounted more quickly and securely than before, requiring a simple push and twist to attach or release instead of screwing down each prop. This security allows the DJI Phantom 4 to fly with more overall agility. Built from a durable composite material, each prop is durable enough to withstand many hours of flight.


DJI Phantom 4 Camera and Gimbal features: 

Ultra High Definition 4K recording at 30 frames per second

The Phantom 4 drone features a 12MP camera that can record 4K UHD video internally at up to 30 frames per second. 4K is the latest standard in high definition video and features 4 times more pixels than 1080p Full HD. The camera can also record at a fast frame rate of 120fps in Full HD.

Three-axis stabilising gimbal

A three-axis stabilising gimbal holds the camera and automatically corrects rough flight movement for smooth and progressive video.

Great low light performance

Great looking low light video recording is made possible by a fast F/2.8 lens and sensor light sensitivity of 100-3200 ISO in video recording.

Easy Camera adjustments

All the camera settings, including ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation, can be set using both the DJI Go app and the physical controls on the remote controllers.

High Definition Live View with live streaming

A 720p resolution Live View can be streamed from the phantom 4's camera to a compatible smartphone or tablet within a range of up to 5km, and from the device it can even be streamed directly to YouTube using the Go app.

New aspherical lens

A new aspherical lens with a 94° field of view (FOV) reduces distortion by 36% and chromatic aberration by 56% when compared to the previous generation Phantom. A hyperfocal length of one meter allows you to get closer to objects while keeping them in pin-sharp focus.


DJI Go App features: 

Flight simulator

The DJI Go app also features a flight simulator to practice your flying skills.

Director feature

The ‘Director’ feature automatically edits shots into short videos that can be shared immediately after landing.

Easy camera adjustments

All the camera settings, including ISO, shutter speed, focus and exposure compensation, can be set using the DJI Go app.