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HJ 450 450F 4-Aix RFT Full Kit with APM 2.8 Flight Controller GP[HJ450-RTF]

Quantity :

Assembled HJ 450 450F 4-Aix RFT Full Kit with APM 2.8 Flight Controller GPS Compass & Gimbal

Packing including :

  • 1 X HJ 450 450F Nylon Fiber Flamewheel
  • 2 X D2212 920KV Clockwise Brushless Motor
  • 2 X D2212 920KV Counter-clockwise Brushless Motor
  • 4 X 30A Brushless ESC
  • 2 X 9443 propellers
  • 1 X APM 2.8 Multicopter Flight Controller
  • 1 X GPS with Compass
  • 1 X Radiolink AT9 2.4GHz 9 Channel Transmitter Radio & Receiver
  • 1 X 140MM High Landing Gear Skid
  • 1X Aluminum 2-axis Gimbal Camera Mount PTZ
  • 1 X 11.1V 3300Mah 25C 3S lithium battery
  • 1 X IMAX RC B3 Pro Compact Balance Charger 


HJ 450 450F Nylon Fiber Flamewheel Frame Airframe kit HJ450 

This is a very popular machine, it has a strong frame, beautiful appearance, and a stable system of flight for smooth flight. It is very suitable for both beginners and advanced pilots.

Shaft distance: 17.7in/450mm
Net weight: 0.65lb/282g - by advanced engineering material,super strong & smooth


D2212 920KV Clockwise Counter-clockwise CW CCW Brushless Motor 

  • Outer diameter: 28.0 mm
  • Height: 24.0 mm (Without Shaft)
  • Kv: 920kv


30A Brushless ESC Speed Controller

  • Output: Continuous 25A, Burst 40A up to 10 Secs.
  • Input Voltage: 2-4 cells lithium battery or 5-12 cells NiCd/NIMh battery.
  • BEC: 3A
  • Max Speed: 210,000rpm for 2 Poles BLM, 70,000rpm for 6 poles BLM, 35,000rpm for 12 poles BLM. (BLM: BrushLess Motor)
  • Size: 45mm (L) * 25mm (W) * 11mm (H).
  • Weight: about 25g. 


Propeller 9.4x4.3

Length: 9.4 inches Product Pitch: 4.3 inches Color: White


APM2.8 ArduPilot Mega APM 2.8 Multicopter Flight Controller 2.5 2.6 Upgraded

  • Size: 70*45*13.5
  • Weight: 28G
  • APM is an open source flight control, can you play APM well depend on individual ability.
  • Player must have ability of basic understanding of monolithic integrated circuit, c-language, knowledge of electrical,mechanical, and also needs a certain degree of mental capacity, financialand material resources, energy support.If you're not ready, then We recommend that you prepare some introductory information first.
  • Introduction: Eliminate V2.52  Version Old 1.0mm 6P SM06B GPS interface , changed to the DF13-4P compass external I2C interface, Place the DF13-5P GPS interface with external interfaces of the compass, more convenient to connections GPS with external compass.
  • Replaced the V2.52 I2C interface to multi-purpose MUX interfaces, which can be used by the users themselves through the Pad of Back Board freely configurable function output, UART0,UART2,I2C,OSD optional, defaults OSD interface, avoiding 2.52 version when you want to use both Data Transmission and OSD, you need to use Y-line separating the interface programme.
  • Improved OSD interface when used in conjunction with Data Transmission, because of the isolation resistance, more effective to avoid the interference of Data Transmission.
  • New V2.8.0 use United States semi-LP2985-3.3, pressure-resistant up to 16V, increased reliability, reduced probability of Bad Gyro health due to voltage problems.


GPS with Compass

  • Built-in compass GPS module - Main chip: 6M - With fast satellite searching speed and high precision - Compatible with APM serial port and I2C port - Includes round plastic shell
  • Pre-configured, Flashed with the correct settings, and tested - Super Bright LED,BlackPlane with Standard Mk style mounting holes 45mm X 45mm - Cable included - With L5883 compass Cable length in 25CM - Dimensions: 53.5*53.5*15.5 - Weight: 30g
  • C/A code,1.023MHz Receiver
  • Frequency:L1 [1575.42MHz]
  • Locate performance 2D :3m(Average) 2D:2m(average),with WAAS drifting<0.02m> accuracy:1us
  • coordinate system:WGS84
  • max attitude height:18000
  • Max speed:515m/s
  • tracking sensitivity:161dBm
  • Capture sensitivity:148dBm
  • cold start time:38s
  • average Warm start time:35s
  • average hot start time:1s
  • average Capture time:0.1s
  • Average Temperature:40 centi grade to +80 centi grade
  • wide power supply voltage:+3.5V~+5.5V


Radiolink AT9 2.4GHz 9 Channel Transmitter Radio & Receiver 

  • Size: 183*193*100mm
  • Weight: 0.88kg
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band (2400MHz to 2485MHz)
  • Modulation mode: QPSK
  • Channel bandwidth: 5.0MHz
  • Spread spectrum: DSSS
  • Adjacent channel rejection: >38dbm
  • Transmitter power: <100mW(PCB testing), <20dbm(3 meter air testing)
  • Operating Current: <105mA
  • Operating Voltage: 7.4~15V
  • Control distance: more than 900 meters ground, 1.5kms air
  • Channel: 9 channels, 5~9 channels are customizable
  • Simulator model: under the simulator model the transmitter action turn off, change to power saving model
  • Screen: 2.8 inches 16 colorful screen , 240*320 pixels
  • Compatible model: Include all 120 degree and 90 degree swashplate helicopter, all fix wing and glider, five flying model and aircraft
    Suitable for all airplanes including helicopter 8 swash plate models, fixed wing 2 airfoils 3 rears, gliders 4 airfoils 2 rears and aircraft.
    It takes 3ms only for 9 channels to response parallel, which is less than the average time 20ms.
    DSSS spread spectrum mode supplies better performance in anti-interference .
  • QPSK modulation mode.
    Actual measurement: 900 meters ground and 1.5kms air.


140MM High Landing Gear Skids

Easy to install on the DJI F450 F550 or similar frame Come with 4pcs for one full set. Come with M3*8 Screws for assembling

  • High(LxWxH): 140mm (Single)
  • Weight: about 12g (Single)


Aluminum 2-axis Gimbal Camera Mount PTZ

  • Simple structure and light weight,CNC aluminum alloy structure
  • Brushless motor direct drive
  • With anti-vibration rubber balls,easy to adjust
  • Compatible with Gopro 3/3+
  • with 2pcs 2208 motors and V3 gimbal controller,sensor
  • with motor protector which can help heat dissipation
  • gimbal weight: 400g


11.1V 3300Mah 25C 3S lithium battery 

  • Size: about 139x 43 x19MM
  • Weight: about 268.8g


IMAX RC B3 Pro Compact Balance Charger 

  • Input Voltage : 100 - 240V AC50 / 60Hz
  • Output Current: 3*800mA
  • Suitable for 2 cell and 3 cell Li-Po Batteries
  • Led Indicator:
    When power is on : Orange
    Stand by mode : Green
    Battery Charging : Red
    Battery Full : Green